Auto Import IE after the First Run of Edge

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Hi There,


We implemented Edge chromium about a year ago. We've allowed our users to use any one of Edge/IE/Chrome browsers. With the upcoming disabling of IE we find ourselves in a situation where many of our IE users may have already launched Edge in the past and our group policy settings would have auto imported their data on first launch but at data is now out of date.


Its only a few clicks in Edge to re-import the updated browser data from IE/Chrome but I was looking for a 'quiet' method (preferably with powershell)


I've done a bit of digging and I can trigger the 'first run' by editing the 'local state' file in the user data folder but it seem to reset some settings like synced profiles and dark more.


Kinda wishing for a easy powershell method but so far my searches have come up blank.  

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@WilliamScott Hi!  I believe a similar question has come up and at that time the team mentioned that there was no automated way to auto import after the First Run Experience but the user can still get their data from IE.  I'm sure you already know this method but the steps are below:


  • Go to settings>Import Browser data
  • In the import from drop down, select “Internet Explorer”
  • Make sure the checkbox for Favorites and other required data types is checked
  • Click on “Import”




Thanks Kelly, Thanks we've had to take adding these sets to our communications to users. Same there is no PowerShell way of triggering the imports.