always open specific file types

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we'd like to set automatically the option "always open files of this type" for several file types or URLs.

actually, the gpo only allows to show or hide the option in the user context when download / open a file.

is there a possibility to control this behaviour with GPO?

if a user set the option "alway open files of this type", this setting seems to be stored in the personal settings folder (data-folder) of edge and if the browser-cache is cleared, the setting is reseted.

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This feature comes with V85



Do you know if this will still download the file to the disk (requiring the user to clean up later) or open the file from temp files?

One of the big things we're missing in our business is the ability to just open/run files from temp files. There are a lot of times we need to open things, look at them once and never need it again...



i didnt use or test it yet. I just read the policy descriptions with the new versions.


Until yet i used a modified master_preferences for handling ica files for citrix workspace app. But workspace app handles this files themself and delete it after use.


After rollout of V85 i will test and switch to GPO and hopefully throw away my master_preferences powershell in my installation sequence. My dream ist to use the installation out of box without install workarounds but this is still a long way to go.