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Oct 27 2022, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
Published on Oct 13 2022 12:36 PM (PDT) by Heather Poulsen Community Manager
Edited on Oct 28 2022 12:51 PM (PDT)

Ensuring that a platform is healthy and trustworthy is a fundamental vertical in today’s zero trust approach, and this has become one of the keys focuses of recent times. Pre-OS boot continues to remain a prime target for adversaries, which we have seen attacks on due to supply chain trust brittleness.

Device Health Attestation is designed with keeping security, which aims to detect changes related to FW, boot, and early OS security features. The March 2021 Security Signals report showed that more than 80% of enterprises have experienced at least one firmware attack in the past two years.

This is an Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) session so let’s look at how attestation can help in detecting some of these attacks, how Intune Integration protects customers and resources, but, most importantly, let's hear your questions!

This session is part of the Microsoft Technical Takeoff: Windows + Intune. Add it to your calendar, RSVP for event reminders, and post your questions and comments below! This session will also be recorded and available on demand shortly after conclusion of the live event.

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