Watch out, Nairobi! Microsoft is coming to the PMI Africa Conference - Student Edition!
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On Saturday, September 9th (yes, this Saturday!), the PMI Africa Conference Youth Edition will be hosted at the University of Nairobi. The conference will be a chance for university students to explore the theme “The Africa We Want: Together We Can”. Our Microsoft squad is excited to be onboard to join in the excitement and share some inspiration, skills, and free resources with you!


Read more to get hyped for the event, as well as get some free resources that will help you to make change! (Which you can use whether you’ll be at the event or not!)



The jam-packed conference agenda has loads of opportunities to discover how you can be a driver for creating societal impact and sustainable change, to connect with other passionate students, and to uncover the tools that will help you make a difference!


We have Microsoft staff and community members on board to deliver sessions that will show how you can make a difference at scale with technology. We’ll talk about how you (whether you’re a techy or not!), can take advantage of some awesome low-code/no-code tech and  AI to solve problems you see! And we’ll show how you, as a student, can get support to launch your own start-up to bring your ideas to the world!


We’re excited to announce that you’ll have a chance to hear from Kenya locals, and this year's winners of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup World Championship, Team TAWI.


This awesome-foursome created an innovative new solution to help children with Auditory Processing Disorder. They’ll share their journey and hopefully inspire you to solve a problem close to your heart too. Check them out and have your questions ready!


Take that inspiration into the next session, where you’ll learn how you can draw your idea for an app and bring it to life with Power Apps, simply by taking a photo! Microsoft Cloud Advocate, Julia Muiruri, and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Shadrack Kiprotich, will take you through it and then then level up that app by adding the power of AI to give it some smarts!


While you can just watch along while our team shows you how to do it, we empower you to give it a go and follow along too! To join in and turn a drawing into an app, all you need to do is follow these links to create developer accounts on M365 and Power Apps. If you need a little help with that, you can follow this blog to see how.


We look forward to having you join our Microsoft squad-powered sessions and sharing all this, and more awesome programs for students looking to make a difference!



While we’re talking free stuff for students, here are a few more that you should take advantage of!

Microsoft for Start-ups Founders Hub
Get your start-up idea off the ground with some free Azure credits and advice from the Founders Hub team. As your idea grows, take advantage of even more resources.


Azure for Students

Get free Azure cloud credits and access to essential cloud products that are free for students!


Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

Support your community to learn more and build your leadership skills by becoming an ambassador!


GitHub Student Developer Pack
Get all the free GitHub resources for students, including GitHub Copilot, extra Codespaces quota, and learning resources. Check out this blog if you need help getting signed up.


Imagine Cup

Don’t forget to sign up for Imagine Cup to start solving problems and the chance to win $100,000 and mentorship from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella!

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