Unlock the Power of Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore: An Interactive Session for Students & Startups
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Learn How to Leverage Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore: A Hands-on Session for Startups

18 January, 2024 | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM All times in - (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
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Join us for an interactive session where we will explore the powerful vector database capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore. Find out how you can easily integrate your operational and transactional data with native vector indexing and search features, designed for AI applications. Learn how to quickly build RAG solutions by connecting with Azure AI Studio to create chatbots using your own data. Experience the convenience of Azure Cosmos DB's Copilot in simplifying complex query writing, increasing accuracy, and enhancing performance. Moreover, we will demonstrate our seamless integrations with Semantic Kernel, Langchain, and LlamaIndex. Hear from KPMG how Azure Cosmos DB helped them create a generative AI assistant for business operations.

Learning Objectives
• Gain an overview of the architecture and features of Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore
• Learn how to set up and use Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore
• Explore use cases relevant to startups
• Engage in a live Q&A with Microsoft experts


This session is ideal for students/startups who are:
• Curious about the benefits of using Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore
• Interested in learning how to implement and use Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore
• Seeking to network with like-minded individuals and Microsoft professionals




James Codella, Ph.D.

Khelan Modi
PRODUCT MANAGER • R&D Data-Exec Office

Register Now https://aka.ms/DBVcore-118B

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