Tips and Tricks to Bring Your AI Idea to Life - Data and AI Trends for 2024
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This is the last episode of "Tips and Tricks to Bring Your AI Idea to Life", a weekly 30-minute series where we explore the amazing tools and technologies that Microsoft offers to help you develop your AI projects. These tools will be your reliable partners in turning your ideas into reality. Don't miss this opportunity,  REGISTER NOW!


In this episode, we will talk about how data and artificial intelligence (AI) are shaping the future of our businesses and careers. We will learn how to use Power BI and AI to analyze data and gain valuable insights that can inform strategic decisions. We will also look at the data and AI trends for 2024 and how to prepare for them.

Every week as we invited experts to share their knowledge and experience on how to build practical and innovative AI solutions with Microsoft tools and technologies. The "From Idea to AI" series is a Reactor program that will guide you through the journey of creating AI applications. You will also discover the Founders Hub and other resources that can help you learn more about AI and leverage our products and services for your next big idea.

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