Show upcoming meetings for a Microsoft 365 user
Published Oct 24 2022 03:22 AM 1,171 Views

Learn how you can build a simple personal assistant in under 10 minutes that'll show a Microsoft 365 user the meetings they have left for the day.


Show upcoming meetings for a Microsoft 365 user

Recently, I published an article on freeCodeCamp that shows you how you can build in just 10 minutes a simple personal assistant that shows upcoming meetings for the signed-in user.




Showing upcoming meetings is a common scenario when integrating Microsoft 365 in work applications. It shows you how to get information from the user's calendar and check their availability for a particular time slot. And it's also a great way to get started with building apps on Microsoft 365.


The tutorial shows you the basics of setting up auth in a single-page app and using the Microsoft Graph JavaScript SDK to connect to the Microsoft Graph API. It also demonstrates working with calendar views and formatting dates.

This is just one of many scenarios and types of apps that you can implement on Microsoft 365. For more information about the type of data and insights stored on Microsoft 365 that you can tap into, check out the Microsoft Graph API documentation.


Give it a try, and we're looking forward to hearing what you think.

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