Portfolio Worthy Challenge: Build an AI-Enabled Speech Translator App
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How to Become a Founder

Many great entrepreneurs have not yet started their businesses. The best products are those that address real problems. This may sound like a motivational quote, but it can actually transform your career. Consider this: if you use your skills to solve a problem that meets market demand, you will not only become a founder, but also an employer and, more importantly, a value creator for the world.

This challenge will help you use your skills to overcome a language barrier and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit.



About the Challenge

Communication is an essential part of our daily lives. To make life more accessible for people, we will use Power Apps, a LowCode solution, to create a Speech Translator App.


The app can recognize the user's speech and convert it to text using the Speech API from Azure Cognitive Services. Then, it can translate the text to the desired language using the Translator API. The app can also speak the translated text using the Speech Synthesis API. The app can support various languages and dialects.



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What's in it for You?

There are several benefits for you:

  • You’ll be able to validate your learning, decide if you are ready for a certification exam, and/or identify knowledge gaps.
  • The result of the project will be your own; so, by completing a Challenge Project Learn module of the collection you’ll get a new project to add to your portfolio.  
  • Having no step-by-step instructions means there’s a margin for you to add creativity to your code and imagine your solution to the problem.  This experience will be helpful for you when you’d like to implement your own idea to address a real-world problem.

As a bonus, since the content is available on Microsoft Learn you will be able to access it from your favorite browser and in your preferred language. When you complete a challenge, you'll earn a digital badge, showing off your achievement! 



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