Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program Interview Series Episode 3
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Welcome to the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program Interview Series!




In this series, we will hear and learn from current and old Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors about their personal experiences with the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program and why they think students should join and be a part of the program and community. 


Today, I will be interviewing David Attamaha Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. An Electronic Engineering student from University of Nigeria in Enugu State, Nigeria. He loves everything Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.


What are your personal experiences in the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program?

The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program provided a platform for me to develop skills, engage with a vibrant community of fellow ambassadors, Microsoft MVPs, Cloud Advocates, and most importantly, Microsoft employees. This is one of the best Student Ambassadors program and I can confidently say that it stands at the top of similar programs.


This program gave me the energy to try out things I never thought I could do. I got introduced to Microsoft tools and technologies; Azure, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Copilot, et cetera. I had the opportunity of hosting over 30 skilling events both online and in-person.

As an Ambassador, I always find opportunities to learn, mentor, collaborate, contribute, share, and have fun.


I have mentored both prospective student and current student ambassadors. I have collaborated with fellow student ambassadors in one initiative or another. There is this particular one that I lead with 5 other student ambassadors where fellow ambassadors had to sign up every quarter to participate to skill up their community in Microsoft technologies. Up to 1000 individuals benefited through such initiative by getting free Microsoft certification exam vouchers.

I still continue to contribute in the Ambassador community by creating guides to help Ambassadors who just joined the program. The list is endless.


With being so active in the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program, does this interfere with your studies?

The program is flexible, no matter how engaged a student is, the program will not be a barrier. 


Being a student and an Ambassador, there was a time, it was difficult for me and other times, it seemed easy. 


We all have different capacities and strengths and this all boils down to time management. Making sure that the program does not get in your way as a student. Finally, be sure to have fun as an Ambassador.


What have you benefited from the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program?

A lot of these benefits can be seen in the previous question I answered. But being specific, aside from the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program swags I have received, I have free access to some premium platforms and tool like Microsoft 365, LinkedIn Learning, Visual Studio Enterprise subscription.


I have received free Microsoft exam vouchers. This program increased my confidence. I have sent proposals to Vice Chancellors of different schools to introduce Microsoft technologies in their school. A good number accepted my proposal. I have spoken at events in some of these schools like Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu.


I have access to a global community of people who use Microsoft technologies. I can simply send a chat instead of an email. The benefits keep increasing as the need arises.



What advice do you have for students and why do you think they should join the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program?

This is one of the best global student community that a student who is 16 years and above in an institution can join.

You don't need to be an expert in anything nor do you need to have prior knowledge of any technology. You need to be a learner, be open-minded, be willing to try new things. 


Be sure to reach out to a current Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador if you need to ask one or two questions.


Take advantage of the free premium tools and platforms you have access to in building yourself while you're in the program. Put yourself out there in the world through this program.




You can join the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program by applying here 



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