Microsoft Learn Catalog API - Blended Learning and LMS Integration
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Blended Learning Experiences with Microsoft Learn 


Learning that respect your time: Step-by-step bite-sized tutorials and modules by product/service, skill level, and job role.

Learning by doing: Interactive coding environments via an Azure sandbox provides a friction-free hands-on experience.​

Real-time results: Get immediate feedback with knowledge quizzes at the end of each module.​

Role-based certification: Prepare for role-based certifications with learning paths or find instructor-led trainings offered by our Learning Partners.

Recognition for your efforts: Individuals can earn task-based achievements as they complete modules and learning paths.

Race to the top: Your team can share their achievements with colleagues through various social channels 

Flexibility: More than 960 modules allows for working at your own pace with the ability to track progress and maintain a transcript.​

Role-based learning paths: Over 200 learning path courses are available across multiple Microsoft products and services.

Gamification and achievements: Track your progress with leaderboard and unlock task-based achievements.

Microsoft Learn Catalog API 

The Microsoft Learn Catalog API  lets you send a web-based query to Microsoft Learn.


Catalog API Components 



Blended Learning - Intergrating Learn to your LMS

It returns metadata details about published content such as: titles, products covered, and links to the training.


Customers can take the returned information and display it in their learning management systems (LMSs) alongside other training content.



•Access to the latest learning paths and modules, no content provisioning

•Access to a consistent Learn experience (interactivity, achievements etc.)

•Ability to leverage Learn modules for blended learning solutions

•Ability to develop customized solutions to enhance hands on labs and assignments

•Integrated experiences through Org ID Office 365 for educators and students

•Low /No platform investment to get access to a catalog of Microsoft training



API page on Learn for API’s and documentation / resources

•Authentication with Org ID only (No MSA)

•Limit of one API Key per domain

•Unique API Key online and via email


API Syntax[locale]&clientid=[ClientID]

Query Parameters







Allowed locale code listed here.




A user-specified client Id e.g. ‘’




Catalog API Call & Response


Catalog API Call - jQuery

API Response Body

$(function() {

        var params = {






            url: "" + $.param(params),

   type: "GET"


        .done(function(data) {



        .fail(function(error) {




The Microsoft Learn Catalog API is organized around REST.  The API returns single JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes.

JSON-encoded response will have below five sections:


    "modules": [ ... ],

    "learningPaths": [ ... ],

    "products": [ ... ],

    "roles": [ ... ],

    "levels": [ ... ]



API Response – Learning Path Record

Key Attributes can be leveraged for building custom experiences:


1.Levels: Indicates the learner profile level.   E.g.  beginner, intermediate, advanced

2.Roles: A list of the relevant job roles for this learning path.

3.Products: List of relevant products this learning path covers.

4.Modules: List of module identifiers (uid's) included in this learning path.


Catalog API preview program

Are you interested in integrating Microsoft Learn content into your learning platform?


Apply for the Catalog API Preview (CAP) Program  so our team can help ensure the best integration experience and get your input on future versions of the Catalog API.

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