Make the most of Microsoft Learn Cloud Games
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Microsoft Learn has brought to life an innovative experiential approach with the introduction of interactive Cloud Games. Designed especially for security and data & AI professionals with an intermediate knowledge level across a range of Microsoft solutions, Who Hacked? and Data Feeds are fun, immersive role-playing games with the mission of refreshing and reinforcing your IT expertise.




Excellent opportunities to apply your skills and to savor the thrill of solving real-world problems in a no-pressure, risk-free environment, these new on-demand games engage you in a variety of role-based activities—including simulations, mini-games, and team challenges. As a player, you can switch between roles throughout the activities, enriching the experience and your understanding of colleagues’ responsibilities and priorities.


In Who Hacked?, e-retailer Best for You Organics is about to launch a major expansion when it discovers a serious data breach. A hacker has stolen critical files and threatens to sabotage customer trust unless a ransom is paid. It’s a fictitious company in a simulated world—but it’s a very real danger faced by real organizations every day.


Your challenge is to use your proficiency with Azure, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, and other tools to identify the source of the hack and to implement solutions to help ensure that it can’t happen again. 

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In Data Feeds, you’re a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer working for a biotech firm, applying data & AI to design a solution to the global problem of food waste and to resolve a critical food shortage in a fictitious island nation.


You call on your experience with Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and other technologies to transform swaths of data into powerful insights by building a storage solution and dashboard, a predictive model, and an analytics solution.

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Both Cloud Games include two episodes that can be played in any order and that present you with multifaceted opportunities to practice skills that are essential for your in-role success. The detailed Who Hacked? study guide and Data Feeds study guide include learning paths and modules to help you prepare for and get the maximum benefit from playing the games.


In designing the activities, we started first with the game mechanics, built on exciting storylines, and then wove the learning goals into them—rather than identifying a learning topic and developing a game around it. This approach helps to ensure that you are engaged and having fun, which is a proven way to deepen skills.


Make the most of Microsoft Learn Cloud Games

Make Cloud Games a key part of your learning journey, and have fun flexing your technical skills. Play Microsoft Learn Cloud Games now.


Additionally, if you’re looking to build your skills to help open career doors, explore Microsoft Learn, where you can find comprehensive technical training opportunities, including experiential learning, self-paced training, like learning paths and modules, and instructor-led training, such as courses for specific technologies, exams, certifications, and much more.


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