Login to Azure in GitHub Actions
Published Jun 15 2022 01:57 PM 2,118 Views

If you need to use GitHub Actions and interact with Azure resources, you'll need to authenticate properly. Authenticating is made easy by direct Action support in a workflow, but it requires a Service Principal created in a specific way that produces output that is required to go into a GitHub Secret.

Using a sample GitHub repository, the video lesson will cover all the details you need to know to get a working GitHub workflow step to authenticate to Azure and then use the Azure CLI to perform operations.


The step in the workflow needs to include a secret from the Service Principal:


    - uses: azure/login@v1
        creds: ${{ secrets.AZURE_CREDENTIALS }}



In this video, you'll learn how to:

1. Create a GitHub Action workflow to login to Azure

2. Create an Azure Service Principal with enough permissions

3. Add a GitHub Actions Secret from the Service Principal

4. Run the workflow that uses the Azure CLI


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