Learn Data Science and Machine Learning in 30 Days.
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A warm welcome! 



In #30DaysOfDataScience we will go from understanding the Python language to working with real life data and finally creating Machine Learning models both on Azure and in Python. The main role is understanding our data and using the knowledge to make decisions such as fraud detection, customer segmentation and product pricing. 


The program journey





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The program is set to start on the 17th of October, to participate, you need to register as part of the program. other co-learners are waiting for you.



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Part of your learning resources is a carefully curated Microsoft Learn on Python, Azure aiming to teach you practical Data Science and machine learning in 30 Days. Build classification model, regression model, and unsupervised machine learning models by going through these learning paths. They serve as added resources to complement the live sessions. 

If you are a beginner, this cloud skill challenge will help you learn the fundamentals and get the best from this learning adventure.


Click the link to the Cloud Skills Challenge modules and start learning now.  




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We will hold discussions on GitHub and over the 30-day period we will host live sessions to help you navigate your journey. Register and join us for this epic adventure. 


The 30 Day Curriculum and Live Sessions


The 30 Day Curriculum is divided into 4 parts:

  • Week 1: Getting Started with Python
  • Week 2: Data Preparation and Visualization
  • Week 3: Getting started with Machine Learning with 2 guided projects
  • Week 4: Building you Data Science projects

Each week we will have 2 live events as follows:

Date Time Session Title RSVP Live Link
18 Oct. 1pm GMT Setting up your Local Python Environment RSVP LIVE
20 Oct. 1pm GMT Create your first program with Python RSVP LIVE
25 Oct. 1pm GMT Data Wrangling and Manipulation RSVP LIVE
27 Oct. 1pm GMT Data Visualization RSVP LIVE
1 Nov. 4pm GMT Build a product pricing model - regression RSVP LIVE
3 Nov.  1pm GMT Build a fraud detecting model - classification RSVP LIVE
8 Nov. 1pm GMT Build a customer segmentation model - clustering RSVP LIVE
10 Nov. 1pm GMT Curate your Data Science Portfolio RSVP LIVE

What to expect after 30 days

  • Successfully build 3 end to end Data Science projects i.e. fraud detection model, customer segmentation and product pricing model.
  • Badge of completion to be posted on LinkedIn 

Next Steps 

Register for the Program set to kick off on the 17th October to 17th November 2022. 

See you at the finish line! 




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