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Welcome to 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge! I’m excited to introduce you to our pilot learning program for students, fresh graduates and professionals who are interested in learning a new skill that can accelerate their career.


30 Days of Microsoft Graph is a gamified learning experience for beginners to challenge themselves on building apps with Microsoft Graph and JavaScript based on the Top Microsoft Graph Scenarios, for a chance to win exciting prizes.




The challenge will start on November 1st and end on November 30th. Register for the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge today: 


In this article we’ll cover: 

  1. Why you need to join this challenge and add Microsoft Graph to your skillset,
  2. Pre-requisites to get started on the challenge, and
  3. Details on how the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph challenge would work. 


Why do you need to join this challenge and add Microsoft Graph to your skillset? 

Millions of people across the globe use Microsoft apps in their personal lives, at school, or work. Did you know that you can also access data behind the popular Microsoft apps such as Teams, Calendar, Outlook, To-Do, Planner and more?  

Microsoft Graph is the gateway to access the data and intelligence across Microsoft 365 core services. Not only can you access the data, but also you can build your own app on top of Microsoft 365 Platform by accessing the available data with the power of Microsoft Graph. Scenarios like the following can be built with Microsoft Graph REST APIs and SDKs: 

  • What are other students at the school/community working on? 
  • Organize your day with a quick overview of upcoming meetings 
  • Get your to-do tasks every morning at 9 am 
  • Stay up to date quickly by viewing unread emails 
  • Receive unread chat messages as a summary 

Imagine all the other scenarios you can build upon Microsoft ecosystem to boost productivity, collaboration, education, people, workplace intelligence, and more! 

Learning how to build apps with Microsoft Graph is a critical skill to work across Microsoft technologies. Throughout #30DaysOfMSGraph challenge, we will help you upskill with Microsoft technologies and ecosystem by learning and building apps with Microsoft Graph. 


Pre-requisites to get started on the Challenge 

You’ll have to complete two steps before starting to learn everything about building apps with Microsoft Graph: 

  1. Register for the challenge:  
  2. Setup Microsoft 365 Developer account:
  3. Activate GitHub Student Developer Account:
  4. Activate Azure for Student Credit:

Once you complete the pre-requisites, you will be ready for the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge. 


How does 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge work? 

30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge includes self-pace learning, connecting with the experts on GitHub Discussions and live Reactor sessions. 

Self-pace Learning 

In this 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge, you will be given self-pace learning materials each week that can be found on the landing page of the challenge: 


Connect with the experts on GitHub Discussions 

When you need help, you can always ask your questions in the GitHub Discussion for this challenge, our team will always be there to help you and answer your questions: 


Live Reactor Sessions 

There will be 8 Reactor sessions to introduce you to building apps with Microsoft Graph. We’ll host a session at the beginning of each week, and we will also have 2 Ask the Experts sessions to help you with your questions. Finally, we’ll have a close out session to announce the winners of the challenge.  


You can find all the Reactor sessions scheduled throughout the challenge in the landing page of the challenge:


Where is the challenge? 

We have 2 challenges within the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph: 

  • The first challenge  
    Complete the learning materials given throughout the month of November, we have some prizes for the top 10 winners of the Cloud Skills Challenge.  
  • The second but the biggest challenge (with more exciting prizes)  
    In week 3 of the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph, you will be asked to submit a capstone project proposal for an app scenario with Microsoft Graph. Don’t you worry, we already have Top Microsoft Graph Scenarios to inspire you for this challenge. You can either pick one of the provided scenarios or you can come up with your own scenario and submit it as a project proposal. You only need to comment out your capstone project proposal here, so no one else picks up the same scenario: 
    After working with your own project in week 4, you’ll be asked to submit your capstone project here: 


What happens if you win? 

We have a variety of gifts and prizes for the winners of the challenges: 


Top 10 Cloud Skills Challenge winners will get: 

Top 4 winning capstone projects will get: 

  • mentorship session from Microsoft 365 Advocacy Directors and Microsoft Graph Product Group Directors 
  • a chance to be interviewed on Show & Tell video series for Microsoft 365 Developer YouTube that will be promoted on Microsoft official social accounts


We are so excited that you are onboard the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge, share your journey throughout the month on your socials with #30DaysOfMSGraph hashtag. Let us know if you have any questions, our team is always here to help you! 


 Looking forward to meeting you at #30DaysOfMSGraph!

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