It's Low Code February! Welcome to Azure and Low Code
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Learning about Power Platform, Fusion Teams, and Cloud Integrations can provide a multitude of benefits for students, including:

  1. Career advancement: With a growing demand for low-code and cloud skills, learning about these technologies can help students stay ahead in the job market and secure positions in high-demand industries.

  2. Problem-solving skills: Power Platform, Fusion Teams, and Cloud Integrations offer powerful solutions for businesses and organizations, and learning how to use them can help students develop skills in problem-solving and innovation.

  3. Opportunities for growth: With the #LowCodeFebruary initiative, students will have access to a wealth of resources, including hands-on workshops, video & livestreams, and a Cloud Skills Challenge, all designed to help them advance their skills and grow in their careers.

  4. Connection with the community: By participating in #LowCodeFebruary, students will have the opportunity to connect with experts and other learners in the field, and gain a better understanding of the industry and its developments.

Join us at #LowCodeFebruary! Learn everything you need to know about Power Platform Fundamentals, Fusion Teams, Cloud Integrations for safe, scalable apps, and more! #LowCodeFebruary 


Low Code Feb Agenda

Check this section for links to upcoming activities for #LowCodeFebruary.

When What Where
Jan 25 Kickoff #30Days Blog
Jan 31 Cloud Skills Challenge Starts Register Now
Feb 01 Hello, #30DaysOfLowCode #30Days Blog
Feb 01 Start Hands-on Workshops Start Now
Feb 02 You say Low, I say Code! #30Days Blog
Feb 03 Developer Tools & Onboarding #30Days Blog
Feb 04 Developr Story #30Days Blog
Feb 05 Week 1: Recap #30Days Blog
Feb 06 Built-in Connectors #30Days Blog
Feb 07 Low Code + Dataverse #30Days Blog
Feb 08 Low Code + Serverless #30Days Blog
Feb 09 Custom Connector (Tutorial) #30Days Blog
Feb 10 Custom Connectors (APIM) #30Days Blog
Feb 11 Integration Use Cases #30Days Blog
Feb 12 Week 2: Recap #30Days Blog
Feb 13 Build a Canvas App! #30Days Blog
Feb 14 Intro to PowerFX #30Days Blog
Feb 14 Webinar: Power Platform & Azure Deploys with GitHub Register Here
Feb 15 PowerfulDevs Conference Register Here
Feb 16 Power Component Framework Controls #30Days Blog
Feb 17 Build a PCF Control #30Days Blog
Feb 18 Advanced Use Cases #30Days Blog
Feb 19 Week 3: Recap #30Days Blog
Feb 20 ALM For Power Apps #30Days Blog
Feb 21 GitHub Actions for Power Apps #30Days Blog
Feb 22 Zero-To-Hero Post #30Days Blog
Feb 23 AskTheExperts: #PowerfulDevs Register Here
Feb 24 Power Platform Pipelines #30Days Blog
Feb 25 Azure DevOps & Automated Testing #30Days Blog
Feb 26 Week 4: Recap #30Days Blog
Feb 27 Zero-To-Hero Post #30Days Blog
Feb 28 Month: Recap #30Days Blog
Mar 01 Cloud Skills Challenge Ends Last Sprint!
Mar 01 Wrap-up : #30DaysOfLowCode #30Days Blog
Mar 09 AskTheExperts: #LowCodeFebruary Register Here


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