HoloLens MR Apps for Education
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First published on MSDN on Feb 28, 2018

All Apps can be found here: Link but here is a quick run down of Education content which is available on the HoloLens

Name Link Description Picture
Galaxy Explorer Link Transform your room into our galaxy and explore new worlds in the winning idea from the Share Your Idea community.
HoloTour Link With HoloTour, you can explore the beauty and history of Rome or uncover the hidden secrets of Machu Picchu.
HoloStudy Demo Link HoloStudy is a series of geology, physics, chemistry and biology lessons. The lessons are designed specifically to give you all the possibilities of HoloLens during educational process.
Lifeliqe HoloLens Link Lifeliqe HoloLens! Experience the award-winning content in mixed reality and examine the educational 3D models right in your classroom as if they were really there.
HoloAnatomy Link This is a tour of the Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic HoloAnatomy course.
Globe Population Link Globe Population visualisation from 1990 - 2000. You can drag the globe to your favorite position. By looking at the dates the shown values on the globe will change.
INSIGHT HEART Link INSIGHT HEART is the first app from a planned series for the medical education of the future. Within INSIGHT HEART a virtual companion called „ANI“ guides you through the functions of the application.
HoloHeart Link Discover the heart animation to learn the power of HoloLens visualisation. Put your head inside and listen to the beating heart. Use cut tool to see slice of the heart.
Learning Heart Link Learn about the Heart and its Components as you view it in a revolutionary new way. The Learning Heart is both a study aid and a teaching tool that can be used individually or collaboratively by multiple HoloLens users.
The Cystic Fibrosis-CRISPR Experience Link Immerse yourself in the Cystic Fibrosis-CRISPR Experience and learn about CRISPR/Cas9 targeted genome editing and its potential for treating cystic fibrosis.
Holo Eye Anatomy Link Holo Eye Anatomy is a mixed reality application that enables learning of eye anatomy in a new dimension
Skull - AnatomyNext Link Experience the highest quality interactive 3D skull anatomy on your HoloLens
HoloCell_Eukaryo Link HoloCell is the first Holographic Tool for human cell visualization
Holocule Link Holocule is a DirectX Hololens app that dynamically renders molecules. It is integrated with 3rd party services to dynamically load molecules from the Internet.
Holo F(X) Link Holo F(X) is an educational application designed to help students learn math better.
MyLab Link MyLab is an educational tool that lets you explore an interactive periodic table through the power of holograms. Spawn atoms around your environment, view their atomic structures and explore the various types of elements
Holo Graph Link Immerse yourself in graph exploration in 3D and bring your digital content into real life.
Newtons Apple Link Newtons Apple is an educational program to demonstrate effects of different gravity via the Microsoft HoloLens. Explore Earth, Moon, Reversed or customized gravity using apple holograms.
HoloElements Link HoloElements is a whole new way to look at the periodic table. Designed specifically for HoloLens, using gaze and air-tap you can select an element from a 3D periodic table
Holo Mind Vector Link Explore holographic mind mapping with Holo Mind Vector! Mind mapping is a very powerful and indispensable tool for brainstorming. From students in high school to top level managers in large scale corporations
HoloGraphing Link Create your own 3D graphs using Holgraphing. This educational tool will blow your graphic calculator away!
Holo Monster Alphabet Link Learn the English Alphabet like never before! Join our 'Holo-Monster' for a fun song and silly dance that will delight monsters and humans alike.
Palmyra - Augmented Archaeology Link Immerse in the ancient city of Palmyra, and experience the majestic archaeological monuments through your HoloLens.
Secrets Of Ancient Egypt Link this demo is a single scene that shows how Hololense can be used for tourism story telling.
Oriental Museum Link Among the existing ancient architecture and heritage sites, the Forbidden City is the representative masterpiece which is the most complete with the richest content.
HoloPlanisphere Link You can see constellations in 360 that are arranged by calculation using time, latitude, longitude and Hipparcos Catalogue data.
PerSim Link Introducing PerSim™: the first affordable, portable and realistic patient simulator designed specifically for pre-hospital professionals.
DynamicAnatomy Link DynamicAnatomy is an interactive application for HoloLens created by Leiden University Centre for Innovation and Leiden University Medical Center. In this application you will learn the dynamic 3D anatomy of the ankle joint.
3DBear Holo Link 3DBear’s learning modules are integrated to curriculum and makes technology into child’s play. Check out the teacher’s material for lesson plan, videos and free resources at www.3dbear.io
Music Everywhere Link Music Everywhere is a new and intuitive way of learning to play piano using Microsoft HoloLens
Titan MR Link "Titan" is a virtual exploration of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn and only moon in the solar system with liquid lakes on it's surface.
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