Get Started with Copilot on Microsoft Power Apps
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Copilot is an AI feature that allows you describe what you need in plain English. In Microsoft Power Apps, this gives you the opportunity to describe what type of app you need and what data the app should collect. Copilot builds a responsive Canvas Apps application and through the processing of building, it creates a Dataverse Table with columns and populated sample data. An environment deployed in the United States region and English language (United States) is required to use Copilot in your Power Apps Environment.


In this blog post, I will be showing you how to create a new environment deployed in the United States region and how to create a Leave Management Application using Copilot. For this blog post I am using a Microsoft 365 Developer Account which is free 


Copilot power apps.PNG



Step by Step Process

Create an environment and deploy the environment in United States

Step 1

Login into Power Platform Admin center


Step 2

At the left hand side, click on Environment


Environment 1.PNG



Step 3

Click on New


Environment 1.PNG



Step 4

After clicking on New, at the right hand side,  Enter the name of the Environment on Name 






  • Select United State as the region 
  • This step is a little tricky here, turn on Add a Dataverse data store 
  • Select Developer on Environment 
  • Click on Next


New Environment 1.PNG



Step 5

After clicking on Next 

  • Language selected should be English Language (United States) 
  • On currency, select the currency you need. 
  • Turn on Deploy sample apps and data? to Yes
  • Click on Save


Add Dataverse 1.PNG



Developer environment in a Microsoft 365 Developer Account has limitation on the number of environments that can created, so please take notice of it. After creating the environment, I had an error message. I had to delete the environment that I was not using and start the process of recreating another developer environment.


New environment 2.PNG


Let’s continue, after clicking on Save. Wait for a few minutes for the state of the new Environment to change to Ready


Created Power Platform Environment.PNG


Step 6

Login into Power Apps





Step 7

Change the environment to the newly created environment

Click on  Environment





Step 8

Click on the newly created Environment


BlogPost - Testing.PNG



Step 9

You can easily use the options given to create your Application and have the experience of how it works. 

But here we will be creating a Leave Management System Application.


Copilot Environment.PNG



Copilot Environment.PNG


Step 10

On the text boxt, enter 



Leave Management System




Wait for it to load


AI Copilot.PNG



Copilot Dataverse Table.PNG


Copilot creates a Leave Management System Dataverse Table with columns and a few populated data in the columns. 


Column that has been created 



Leave Type 

Start Date 

End Date 





Leave Management System.PNG




Let’s go ahead and create a new column by asking Copilot


Step 11

On the chat at the right hand side, describe the column you want added to the Dataverse Table

Here I used:



Add the Performance Manager Column to the Table



Next, click on the icon 


Copilot Dataverse 1.PNG


The new column, Performance Manager has been created. 

New column created by Copilot.PNG




Step 12

Click on Create app


New column created by Copilot.PNG



creating app.PNG



This creates a responsive Canvas apps application that has a Form and Gallery on the same screen. 

Untitled design (33).gif




This video shows where you can enter the new data, edit the already existing data and delete the data. 


Untitled design (31).gif


Thank you for reading 


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