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Is Data Truly Everywhere?

I would like to start our Day 2 engagement from here. If data is truly everywhere, why is it difficult for data enthusiasts to find public dataset to work with across several sectors/industries? Well, data is actually out there in their numbers just that most enthusiasts do not know how to get them or how to work with them.


Today's main focus is a quest for data. Let's go out there and check if truly there are public datasets for your project portfolio. Watch this video to see how to download 40+ sample datasets for your personal projects




I believe you paused the video and follow through, if you didn't, kindly do so now. make sure you have at least 40 datasets downloaded on your PC. that's a very good place to start.


COVID19 Stunning Dashboard in Excel

Tomorrow, we will have a live session where we get to build a stunning storytelling dashboard for COVID19 Data with Excel. Yes, Microsoft Excel can also be used to build a stunning and interactive dashboards.


For today, I will should you how to import COVID19 Data into Excel. Watch the video below for the session




  • Follow the video and download at least 40 Sample Data sets on your Machine. Put them in a folder
  • Follow the Web Scraping video and scrap COVID19 Dataset in Excel and save the file 

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