Exploring GitHub for education: Codespaces and Copilot
Published Nov 17 2022 12:00 AM 3,325 Views

GitHub is known as the most common DevOps platform to share ideas and collaborate on innovative solutions, but also deploy applications on the Cloud via tools like Visual Studio Code and build easy-to-navigate projects portfolios. In short terms, GitHub is known as the developer's best friend

As software and technologies continue to evolve, also Github platform and services are constantly evolving. In this blog post, I wish to show you how the latest Git tools, GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot, can transform and support the world of education.


In the following video, you'll be listening about two stories, whose scenarios will be familiar to anyone who is studying or teaching at University, or simply anyone who ever learned a new programming language/framework or prepared a hands-on workshop to deliver. 

The first story's character is Ali, a Data Science teacher at the University of Nowhere. She is preparing for her spring semester course and in particular, she’s preparing a guided tutorial, with a full list of all the instructions her students will need to set up the environment for her Python lab.

The second story is about Mark. Mark is a student at University of Nowhere. He attended the Python data science lab by prof Ali and now he needs to complete the assignment at home. However, he gets stuck at some point.


How Github Codespaces and Github Copilot will help them and make their tasks easier? Watch the video below to find out the answer.


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