Dive into the World of AI with the Semantic Kernel Cookbook
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If you’re interested in AI and looking for a hands-on way to dive deeper, the Semantic Kernel Cookbook on GitHub is a resource you won’t want to miss.

Since the release of Semantic Kernel in March of 2023, we’ve managed to see a community of AI engineers emerge from around the globe. And Kinfey Lo’s “Semantic Kernel Cookbook” is certain to enable even more “AI chefs” to find their path to combining native code with semantic code. How? By learning how to cook with AI in SK by discovering the joys of Plugins, Planners, and Personas.


We’re all learning together — in the open. And we know that the best way to build a community is through sharing recipes so we can all learn together. Faster. Open source has a wonderful capability to enable greater learning by just being a member of one of the open-source communities. Showing up counts! Since you’ve chosen to show up, definitely try out some of Kinfey’s cooking. And if you’re in the mood for it, make your own recipe for AI with SK and share it back.


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What is the Semantic Kernel Cookbook?

The Semantic Kernel Cookbook is a repository hosted by Microsoft on GitHub. It’s designed to help developers integrate cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Hugging Face with conventional programming languages like C#, Python, and Java.

Session Intro .NET


Getting started with LLM Begin to know LLM, including OpenAI, Azure OpenAI Service and LLM on Hugging face    
Using Azure OpenAI Service With SDK Learn how to use Azure OpenAI Service with SDK Click Click
Foundations of Semantic Kernel What is Semantic Kernel? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Semantic Kernel related concepts, etc. Click Click
The skills of LLM - Plugins We know that communicating with LLM requires the use of prompt engineering?
For enterprise applications, there are many business-oriented prompt engineering.
In Semantic Kernel we call it Plugins. In this session we will introduce how to use Semantic
Kernel Plugins and how to define your own Plugins
Click Click
Planner - Let LLM have planning work Human beings need to complete a job step by step, and the same goes for LLMs.
Semantic Kernel has a very powerful task planning capability - Planner, in this session we will explain in detail how to define and use Planner to make your application more intelligent
Click Click
Embedding Skills Building RAG applications is the most commonly used LLM solution at this stage. It is very convenient to build RAG applications through Semantic Kernel.
This session will tell you how to use Semantic Kernel Embeddings
Click Click
HandsOnLab Through three hands on labs projects, let everyone truly understand the application
of Semantic Kernel
Click Click

Why Use the Semantic Kernel Cookbook?

Using the Semantic Kernel Cookbook, you can define plugins that can be chained together in just a few lines of code. What makes Semantic Kernel special, however, is its ability to automatically orchestrate plugins with AI. With Semantic Kernel planners, you can ask an LLM to generate a plan that achieves a user’s unique goal. Afterwards, Semantic Kernel will execute the plan for the user.

Getting Started with Semantic Kernel Cookbook

Getting started with the Semantic Kernel Cookbook is simple. The Semantic Kernel SDK is available in C#, Python . To get started, choose your preferred language and follow the instructions provided in the repository.


The Semantic Kernel Cookbook is a unique opportunity to dive into the world of AI and programming languages. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this resource offers valuable learning experiences and the chance to connect with a global community of tech enthusiasts. So why wait?

Visit the following resources  and start your AI journey: 
Semantic Kernel Cookbook 
Semantic Kernel is at the center of the agent stack

Why use an SDK like Semantic Kernel?

Get started using the Semantic Kernel SDK


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