Creating Microsoft Learn Bookmarks and Collections for your Learners

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You can bookmark any documentation page which enables you to easily dive back into content you frequently reference or are interested in coming back to later. Note that you need to be signed in to save bookmarks. A simple click of the "Bookmark" icon saves the page for later access. You can access all your bookmarks from the bookmarks page in your profile.

How it works

To try the new experience out, visit any page on and click the Bookmark button. This functionality does require you to be signed into your MS Learn account so you can browse and manage all your bookmarks in the future.
To keep track of all your bookmarks in one centralized location, head on over to your Docs profile!
This feature not only allows you easily access quick links, but it also allows you to browse documentation in shorter bursts without the fear of forgetting about content you do not have time to explore right away. We will be working with developers to further understand how we can build upon this feature to make it even more useful in the future.


One of the top needs that we've heard is being able to create a custom collection of training materials and track employees' completion in a fun and engaging fashion. The Collections feature is our first step towards solving that issue.

How it works

To create your first collection, sign into your account on and open the Collections page.
Click New collection to create a new collection - give it a unique name.
You are now ready to add Microsoft Learn modules to your collection! You can do so right from the homepage:
When viewing your collection, you can reorder and remove modules, as well as track your own progress towards completing modules in the collection.


As part of your initial registration, you also set up a user profile to share your points, achievements, trophies, and level with other users.

Account Management

You can have up to five school or work accounts and one personal account linked to your profile. Linking a school or work account will allow your organization to see your learning progress data.
In your Profile page, click Settings. Click Add Account, and choose the account you want to be linked.

Microsoft Learn Catalog API (preview)

The Microsoft Learn Catalog API (preview) lets you send a web-based query to Microsoft Learn and get back details about published content such as titles, products covered, and links to the training. Customers can take the returned information and display it in their learning management systems (LMSs) alongside other training content. see for more details on implementing the catalog API.

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