Create A Data Driven Story with Power BI Report
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Sample Storytelling report from our Guest on Data Storytelling - Paul Nnakwe. Check here for the session  



Yesterday, we started storytelling with Microsoft Power BI with an educative and enlightening session delivered by Paul Nnakwe. We will take this further by exploring the contents on Microsoft Learn on this topic. This is also part of the Cloud Skill Challenge Module, meaning achieving more by completing a single learning task.


The World is Made of Numbers

According to Pythagoras, the world is made of numbers. it is our understanding of these numbers and how we tell the stories that makes lots of differences. Let's continue our learning on how to Create a Data Driven Story with Power BI Report



Tell Story with Power BI Report

This lesson is part of the Cloud Skill Challenge Module. You need to follow the guide to create a Report and also understand concepts such as Report layout, Bookmark, Interactions, Buttons, etc.


Take Note

  • If you are just signing into Microsoft Learn for the Cloud Skill Challenge, make sure you use your personal Microsoft account and not your developer account.
  • Since it is possible to learn without signing in, make sure you signed in as your learnings will not count towards your Cloud Skill Challenge Points.






Access the learning resource here: 



More Practical Session with Paul

Because we didn't have enough time in the previous session to address Storytelling with Power BI Report, Paul has decided to do cover the gap with this content as continuation from where we stopped.





Tie it Together

How do I put all the charts in on the designed Storytelling Layout? How do I export it as image or file that I can share with others?

Go grab some coffee and check back here for the content that answers these questions.






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