Build Power BI Dashboard from Teams, SharePoint List and Embed in PowerPoint Slide
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No-Code Dashboards - Is it Real?

I am here today to do just one thing - to convince you that Microsoft Power BI is a super tool and can give you the superman effect :).

Part of the beauty of Microsoft Power BI is that you can actually generate dashboards and reports at the click of buttons. Don't also forget that spending 90% of your time creating beautiful visuals has less to do with value. It is the quality of time and thought you can give to your analysis and the insight generated that matter most because this is ultimately how value is been perceived by the business.


So, the more time you can save during your analysis, the more time you have to ask the critical questions of "What", and "Why". While not all dashboards and reports can be created at the click of buttons in Power BI, knowing the possibilities can be the game changer


Today, you will learn the following:

  • How to Analyze your Microsoft Teams activity data using Power BI
  • How to Generate Dashboard from SharePoint List Data
  • How to embed Microsoft Power BI Report directly into PowerPoint


Financial Sample Data for this section can be downloaded here: 


Let's Get to Learn

Time to Feel the Magical Power of Turning Data to Dashboard At the Click of a button.





Now that you know how easy it is to get insights from data using Power BI, do not forget to use this super-power when the time showed up. Yesterday, I had a need to analyze performance of some of my posts on LinkedIn, while I manually managed to put the data into Excel spreadsheet, I leveraged the "Analyze Data" Feature in Microsoft 365 Excel to generate insight and had the result shared with the concerned stakeholders. It answers perfectly their question and I was able to do this in a very timely manner. Opportunities like this will always open up, when they do, make sure you use these features.


The Power BI Integration to PowerPoint is another interesting feature here and there are several use case scenarios in the workplace. You can use this to give timely report about ongoing event whose data changes more frequently.


We have come to the end of today's class. Do make sure you do your assignment which can be found below:



  1. Practice what was done in the video
  2. Share your learning on social media with the hashtag #NG30DaysOfLearning #30DaysofLearning



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