Azure Lab Services Enable remote hands-on learning – story from DeVry Univeristy
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Azure Lab Services allow you to Invite users to access lab resources right away. When they sign in, they’ll see a full list of VMs they can access across multiple labs. With one click they can connect and start working—no Azure subscription needed.

  • Immediate access to VMs for invited users, with no need to share your Azure subscription
  • Custom templates to quickly provision lab VMs and use repeatedly across labs
  • Scheduling feature to automatically shut down and start VMs and limit usage hours
  • Provisioning and scaling to hundreds of VMs with a single click—with the service managing all underlying infrastructure

Cost optimization and tracking

Manage your lab budget with usage control features. Schedule designated usage times or set up recurring auto-shutdowns and start times. Track individuals’ hourly usage or limit usage by setting up quotas.


Automatic management and scaling

As a managed service, Lab Services gives you automatic provisioning and management of your lab’s underlying infrastructure. Just prepare the right lab experience for your users and the service will handle the rest—rolling out and scaling your lab to hundreds of VMs with a single click.

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