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Microsoft Azure learning path for developers: Develop with Azure Digital Twins.

The goal of the new learn path is to take the learner on a journey of creating an end-to-end industry based solution using ADT. The hands-on exercises leverage a manufacturing scenario, where learners will be using the Chocolate Manufacturing Factory example to complete the practical units and accomplish e2e solution building.


Azure Digital Twins (ADT) General Availability announcement was back in December, 2020 and contribute to our mission of simplifying and accelerating customers’ and partners’ journeys creating next-generation IoT solutions that model the real world.



The learning path covers background information and hands-on exercises for developing end-to-end Azure Digital Twins solution over the following sequence of modules:

Microsoft Learn Module Details


  • Module 1 lays the foundation on how the industry defines “digital twins” in general, how the term evolved over time with the introduction of Cloud, IoT, modeling, simulation and additional core concepts to become what it is today, the benefits of digital twins, examples of industries, use cases and customers where digital twins are leveraged and finally how Microsoft defines digital twins, assets, ecosystem, and how Microsoft can help the conversation
    Digital Twin Consortium (DTC), cofounded by Microsoft, Dell, Ansys, Autodesk, GE Software, Northrop ...

  • Module 2 covers the first steps in building an Azure Digital Twins solution; such as making an instance of Azure Digital Twins, and learning about creating and visualizing DTDL models. In this module learners will create, validate, graph, and query models for a chocolate factory production line

  • Module 3 deep dives on the different ways to ingest data into Azure Digital Twins, as well as covers the hands-on elements to create the chocolate manufacturing digital twin instance, instantiate the models and ingest data from IoT Hub and simulated app client via Azure Functions, Rest API’s and Logic Apps

  • Module 4 is the capstone module that revisits the solution architecture, automates deployment of the environment using ARM template, and where you will learn about how Azure Digital Twins use event routes to send data to consumers outside the service. It's also the fun part of the learning journey as you can finally start experiencing the ‘outcome’ of the hard work you invested earlier in the form of insights, dashboards, visualizations, and more!


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