Announcing GitHub Universe Cloud Skills Challenge!
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GitHub is the home for all developers—a platform where you can share your work with the world, fork projects, collaborate with others, and create your own software. Codespaces and GitHub Copilot set the stage for a new era of developer productivity, enabling you to focus on what matters most: your code.


Register to the GitHub Universe Cloud Skills Challenge and start your exciting journey in AI! Whether you’re beginning or looking to change your career, this learning experience is designed to introduce you to some of the most requested GitHub tools for AI beginners, and to explore new opportunities. Register now to the challenge and discover new AI essential tools: register here!


During this challenge you will explore opportunities to understand how you can build different projects with tools such as Git, GitHub Copilot and GitHub Codespaces. These tools can offer an amazing experience for AI beginners, providing the foundation for collaborative and efficient AI development, access to a supportive community, and the skills needed to succeed in the field.


After you complete this challenge, you will obtain a badge for completing this experience. Stay tuned for more information on social media and on this blog - we'll share more about this #GitHubUniverseChallenge!





How to participate

The GitHub Universe Cloud Skills Challenge is a 30-day learning challenge on Microsoft Learn. It is a free, fun, community-oriented program that will help you learn GitHub, Codespaces, and GitHub Copilot. You will learn how to setup your development environment in the cloud with Codespaces and create real-world projects with GitHub Copilot, right in time for GitHub Universe!


The Cloud Skills Challenge platform on Microsoft Learn is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can learn at your own pace and when it is convenient for you.


To participate in our study group, you should follow the following steps:


  • Register for the Cloud Skills Challenge and start learning on October 30th. The challenge will run until November 30th.
  • Complete the learning modules on Microsoft Learn training and earn a certificate to share on your LinkedIn
  • At the end of the Cloud Skills Challenge, you can request your special badge.




Study Plan

The study plan is based on the Cloud Skills Challenge learning modules. You can follow the plan or learn at your own pace.


Week 1: Git fundamentals (2hr 41 min)

Week 2: GitHub and Codespaces (1hr 39 min)

Week 3: GitHub Copilot (1 hr)

Week 4: Challenge Projects (1 hr 55 min)




Join the Discussion

Use the comments section below to share your journey with us. We would love to know about you (are you a student, developer, entrepreneur or both?), your experience during the challenge, and what you plan to do next.


Don't forget to share your progress and certificate on LinkedIn or X (Twitter) using the hashtag #GitHubUniverseChallenge!


You can also share your experience using Codespaces and GitHub Copilot to create the projects.



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