AI and .NET: Elevate .NET Apps with AI & Redis
Published Jun 15 2024 12:00 AM 1,354 Views
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Hi, and welcome to the recap of our latest video on AI and .NET.
In our latest video, we went into the fascinating world of Redis and its integration with AI, specifically focusing on how it can enhance .NET applications.

Redis and .NET

Bruno, Katherine, and Stanley shared their insights on leveraging Redis for building intelligent, high-performance applications. They showcased two compelling demo applications:
  • A .NET Contoso HR web application augmented with AI and Redis for chatbot-style capabilities.
  • An eShop web application enhanced with AI for intelligent recommendations and improved performance.
The discussion also touched upon key concepts such as large language models, vector similarity search, and retrieval augmented generative AI, providing a comprehensive overview of the technical landscape. The integration of Redis with Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise was particularly emphasized, showcasing its ability to support vector similarity search and offer low latency, which is crucial for real-time applications.
This session was a testament to the power of combining Redis with AI to create more dynamic, responsive, and intelligent applications.


For those eager to dive deeper, several resources were shared.
These resources provide a great starting point for developers looking to integrate Redis and AI into their own projects.


You can watch the recording here:

Next Steps

Suscribe to .NET Live  for the latest updates on .NET and Artificial Intelligence. Our next live stream will be ".NET AI Community Standup: Introducing the official OpenAI library for .NET Developers".
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