Canva designs can now be interactively embedded into OneNote
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Educators around the world love using Canva, which is the world’s easiest design tool that allows you to design anything and publish anywhere.  Over the past few years, we have heard many requests for a Canva integration with OneNote including from our MIE Expert pals Jeni Long and Sallee Clark (#Jenallee). The OneNote binder metaphor, and the ability to easily embed Canva content interactively in OneNote, organize them, or distribute to others in OneNote Class Notebook, seemed like a great match.  Today we are excited to announce the integration between Canva and OneNote!


As of today, you can now paste the URL of Canva content onto a OneNote page and it will render it as a live interactive embed, similar to how we support embedding many apps into OneNote.  To do this step-by-step:

  1. To add a design from Canva, login to your Canva for Education account on another tab
  2. Once in the Canva editor, you can select a ready-to-use or blank template and edit using Canva’s elements, text, photos and other graphics
  3. Once finished, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, choose Embed and then Copy the Smart Embed Link
  4. In OneNote, paste the Canva link and your design will appear. You can continue to add to your note by inserting additional images, text (typed or digital free-form), audio or video. Depending on your goal, present or share notes with your students, encourage them to contribute together in real-time, or keep them private

To see some examples or how easy this is to do in OneNote, see the example video of a Canva project being embedded in OneNote.  You can now create pages, sections, and even entire notebooks chock-full of Canva designsNOTE: This integration only works in OneNote for web to start, but we are adding support for OneNote Windows 10, Mac, iPad, Android, and 2016 in the near future.



5 great uses for Microsoft OneNote and Canva for Education in your classroom

  • Presenting challenging content - oftentimes your students need a combination of text, images, audio and video to understand a challenging concept. Find or create engaging designs on Canva, then add them to OneNote to introduce new science concepts or to better understand a complex time in history.
  • Brainstorming new ideas - develop your most important ideas by designing a new visual from scratch or editing a ready-to-use educational template on Canva that you add and enhance on OneNote.
  • Keeping a private notebook - build a visual collection of educational ideas, lesson plans and self-reflection journal entries to improve your teaching practice.
  • Sharing and collaborating with students - encourage student collaboration and together, come up with an impactful invention or eye-catching sketch.
  • Searching and tagging - After you import a design from Canva, tag your notes and images in OneNote so you can quickly search and retrieve that information when you need it.
Engage in learning across devices - with Canva and OneNote, you can access your notes and designs across a variety of devices from PC, Mac, to mobile phones with the flexibility to add images and notes on-the-fly.
Join the Canva Webinar on Thursday, May 27th to see this in action!
Come join us at the Canva EDU Webinar on Thursday @ noon PST to see this in action.  I will be joined by Jeni Long and Sallee Clark to show the latest Canva for Education updates including this OneNote integration.

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