Does adoption ever end? Scope and focus of adoption 2 ys after launch.

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Hi all, we've launched Microsoft 365 new tools (focus: Teams, One Drive, Sharepoint) 1-2 ys ago in my organization. There was a dedicated team focused on adoption and they've done a good job in creating awareness, understanding and usage of the new tools (usage % are currently high in most of depts).


Currently, there's still an adoption team focused on continuous improvement, however I'm wondering about the scope of this new team:

- What should be the focus of this adoption team (workstreams continue the same?)

- What would be the new success criteria for this team? (after all, we're not looking at %usage anymore, but maybe engagement, or even usage of other applications e.g. planner, )


And my last and most important is: In your opinion ... Does adoption of M365 tools ever "end"? If yes, when? If no, why not? 


There's a lot of material about launching M365 in organizations, but little on the continuous improvement / future.




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Adoption is a journey which starts with broad spectrum at inception but flattens going ahead as a journey and becomes a part of continuous improvement cycle.
At initial, users are made to start with knowing product and then series of sessions on product features and how they can use them in their day to day business operations to achieve more value and save their time and be more productive.
Measure metrics or KPI's for adoption session contents can be those documented manual operations or business process which has to be transformed by automating them or shortening life cycles using product features for users and thus the continuous improvement journey begins with such contents and sessions.
Champions play vital role here, they are made to connect with users to understand and promote the learnings provided in various sessions.They can be mouth of word for products.
New features and product line keeps on adding and thus the journey of adoption goes on with adding value to users and business.
Hope this helps.

HI @Groth1275 - Great question. I've never seen a team who was doing it well end their program. Primarily because a mature adoption team is always centered on feedback from users and business leaders. Change does not end nor does the need for competitive advantage or innovation in an organization. A mature team is constantly identifying more of both and therefore always has work to do!