LAUNCH: Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption Content
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Today, along with our announcement of the general availability of Microsoft 365 Copilot, we've released new content for the adoption of this groundbreaking experience in our hub at, including our Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption Workbook, Adoption Planning Checklist and other assets. This content represents a step forward in our approach to driving adoption for a natural language interface like our Copilot experiences.


Our Copilot Hub brings together the best of our content from across our repositories. With our role selection interface, you can go directly to the content that is relevant for you as an Adoption Manager, IT professional, business user, leader or developer. We will continue to expand our content library as new features and role-based experiences come online across the Microsoft Copilot ecosystem. Click through to review the site or watch this 5-minute quick overview of the site on Coffee in the Cloud.



The natural language interface of Copilot experiences represents a groundbreaking departure from past experiences. Maximizing the benefits of this in your organization requires a different adoption approach than we’ve historically delivered. Our goal with these experiences is to guide people to have their own personal “aha moment” where they have a personal experience of what the technology can deliver for them, at their request. An aha moment is defined as moment of “a moment of sudden insight or discovery” and cannot be attained without an element of trust. These personal moments, delivered directly the product, are at the heart of our rapid adoption methods for Microsoft 365 Copilot. 


Our Adoption Workbook details the connection between these rapid adoption methods and classic adoption tactics that are delivered by Adoption Managers such as yourselves, Microsoft Partners and other professional ACM practitioners around the world. It provides a section, also delivered as a standalone document, for rapid adoption training which leads with in-product learning experiences led by Copilot Lab. Copilot Lab, which is available to licensed users of Microsoft 365 Copilot, provides prompt guidance tailored to the user that is helpful in accelerating the aha moment. These two methods support each other and focus on the user satisfaction first and “who’s using the app” only as a supporting metric for user segmentation and feedback. 


As you think about this journey, you may also want to review the Bing Chat Enterprise adoption content recently released on the site. This is a useful way of onboarding user to the world of Generative AI that has IT Admin controls and data protections.  


We are also delivering our annual, popular session on Microsoft 365 governance and security, updated for Copilot experiences, at Microsoft Ignite. Registration to the digital event is free and our session, delivered by me and John Gruszczky, will be available on demand during and after the event. Remember, good governance always precedes great adoption and user satisfaction. Now is the time to revisit that topic across your organization.


This critical thinking and innovation around adoption will continue. Lessons learned from driving adoption at the beginning of the pandemic, early adoption customer feedback and a desire to deliver more meaningful experiences directly to people around the globe drive this innovation. Stay tuned here as more content and training will be delivered in this space. Make sure to join or review our Microsoft 365 Champion program where we will discuss this in more detail, review the Microsoft 365 roadmap and provide slides you can use in your own organization. Thank you for all your continued support and feedback!

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