Introducing our Champion Management Platform!

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We are excited to announce the Champion Management Platform coming later this month! As we put the final touches on version 1, we wanted to ensure you had awareness of the platform and what was coming as part of it. 


Champions are our heartbeat, and we are excited to be able to deliver a set of tools aimed at helping you manage, scale, and inspire your teamwork champions to achieve even more. This solution is built to be lightweight and easy to customize so you can fit it into your program however it is best suited.


The Champion Management Platform is built on the SharePoint framework and loaded directly into Microsoft Teams. You can load it to an existing champion team or deploy a new team template specifically for champions and load the solution there. Let's talk about the three main components of the platform in this version.

Champion management and nomination​


The first part of this toolset aims to help manage the champions in your organization by keeping a list of members, enabling the ability to signup new champions, and providing an approval system to onboard new members into the champion program.



champion-management-platform-leadership.jpgThe Leaderboard allows you to track campaigns across the champion group. You will be able to define the types of actives and point values. Champions will be able to see their ranking from a global perspective, based on people near them in location, as well as the specialty they have assigned.


Digital Badge


The Digital Badge allows you to easily overlay a teamwork champion badge over your profile image for display across the Microsoft 365 solutions. Showcasing this badge helps to identify champions and provide a bit of recognition for their contributions to the role.


We can not wait to hear how you leverage this platform the drive results in your own champion programs. Let us know your feedback and ideas on how we can improve, and thank you for everything you do!


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