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Zoom - Microsoft Edge Addons


Is this extenstion from or someone else?

Since I was looking at the privacy policy and it isnt from


Looking at the chromewebstore, it has the privacy policy from



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If you want privacy use Teams ;)

this extension seems to be a 3rd party one, not built by the original company, because there is no reason for them to use a different name and different site for privacy policy.

Oh I see, I thought it was hte real zoom one? WHen I open the extetsion. It looks like the chorme one though. Hmmmm
I cant seem to instlal this extenstion though.
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You said when you open the extension it looks like the chrome one, and then you say you can't install this extension? confusing..
When I last installed that extension a while ago, it looked the same.

When I try to install it, it says checking. Then it reverts to get extenstion. Then it says error occured.

Can someone help???

I alrady send feedback





Like it looks very fishy. 

Well it looks odd and the sign in dosent work. Hmm,
Wait, my bad. It seems to be a extenstion to schedule zoom via your google caledner
Oh, interesting