youtube video goes black when i switch tabs

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when i play a video on youtube or dailymotion or any other video sharing site and switch tabs to another site i opened then return to the video the screen goes black with audio only .. idk how to solve this problem it's really annoying

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Which Edge channel are you using?
try turning off hardware acceleration from here and see if it changes anything:

i'm using the new chromium edge .. i'll try disabling hardware accleration@HotCakeX 

Thanks, let me know how it goes.

by the way the new Edge has 4 channels :)
You can see your channel and version by clicking on the ellipsis menu "..." 3 dots, go to Help and Feedback => About Microsoft Edge

though I assume you're using the stable channel.

the other 3 channels, which are beta, Dev and Canary, are here:

actually turning off hardware acceleration helped with the problem .. i didn't know about those 4 channels it turned out i'm using the beta version  @HotCakeX 

Okay you can keep it off as a temporary workaround but if you haven't already, it's better to report the same thing using feedback button on browser so developers can get more info about your case.