Wrong DNS lookup

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I am using Edge (121.0.2277.128) as my browser on my Windows 11 (23H2) maschine.


I am experiencing following problem:


I changed a CNAME record ("unifi.my.dom") on my DNS servers to point to a new server ("raspi05.my.dom" instead of "raspi02.my.dom").


All of my Edge browsers (all the latest "official" build) on my Macs, iOS-Devices, Android-Devices show the correct website when browsing to "unifi.my.dom".


Windows keeps trying to open the old website. I tried following:


- Waiting for the TTL auf the DNS-Entry to expire (TTL is 3600s, waited 2 day now)

- Flushing the DNS Cache of Windows (ipconfig /flushdns)

- Flushing the DNS Cache of Edge (edge://net-internals/#dns -> Clear host cache)

- Rebooting the Laptop


When I am doing a nslookup with command prompt, I get the correct address back from DNS, When I try the DNS lookup tool on edge://net-internals/#dns I get the old address.


I have no idea what to do now.

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