wrong Behaviour with Edge and Sharepoint 2019 with Modern UI and document libraries

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We have a Sharepoint 2019 on premise enviroment.


The following behaviour is with MS Edge on a document library:


I have installed a new document library with different content types.


If I try to click "NEW" to add a new dokument from a template, then a Dokument called "document1" is created , but without any extensions.


If I switch to classic sharepoint, everything works as expexted.


And also with IE11 it works fine.


Any suggestions ?

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Hi @uschieweg, you are welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community!

Good to see you reporting this issue here but i guess you should post this in the Microsoft SharePoint Community Hub as this problem seems to be more related to SharePoint than Microsoft Edge and there is more possibility of getting reply about this issue there rather than here.