workspace error 36

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I get this message when i try to invite someone to my edge workspace 

Error: Unable to connect due to error in processing url request. Please try again. Error code: 36


Any ideas how to fix this?

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Hi, Yousef, the error message you're encountering, "Error: Unable to connect due to an error in processing URL request. Please try again. Error code: 36," indicates that there is an issue with the URL request being processed when attempting to invite someone to your Edge workspace. The error code 36 is specific to the application or platform you are using and its internal error handling system

@Rahul-kumar thank you for your feedback but still i need to do to fix it as i only open two different tab(MS Form) and a site and copy the link and send it to my other users. Even when i try to use the same link i get the same error which I’m the owner of that workspace. Any ideas that i can get this fix?



if you're encountering an error while using MS Form and experiencing difficulties sharing the link with other users, here are a few suggestions to help resolve the issue

Clear your browser cache: Clearing your browser's cache can often resolve various issues related to website functionality. Go to your browser's settings and clear the cache and cookies. Then, try reaccessing MS Form and generate a new link to share.
Use a different browser: Sometimes, browser-specific issues can interfere with the proper functioning of web applications. Try accessing MS Form using a different browser to see if the error persists. Popular alternatives include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.
Check your permissions: Ensure you can share the MS Form link with other users. Double-check the workspace settings or permissions to confirm that you have the required access rights to share and distribute the form link.
Test with a different device: Try accessing MS Form and generating the link from a different device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to rule out device-specific issues.
Contact Microsoft Support: If the issue persists after trying the above steps, it may be necessary to contact Microsoft Support for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting guidance or identify potential issues causing the problem.
When contacting Microsoft Support, please provide them with detailed information about the error message or any specific error codes you encounter. It will help them diagnose and resolve the issue more effectively.