Windows Integrated Authentication - Dialog box prompt for credentials

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we are planning to migrate to edge and one of the challenge in our POC, we are not able to login into intranet sites without Dialog box prompt for credentials. we installed edge version is 81.0416.72. We don't have any issues with IE 11 and we are able to login without any dialog box prompt for credentials.

Do we have to change in server side or browser setting to work? please let me know if you have any resolution for this issue.


Thank you


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Hello fellow insiders,
I just wanted to tell that if you get this issue and have a workaround for it, please reply to this conversation as someone would be helped because of this in the future.

Thanks for being an insider and helping the Microsoft Edge Dev team building new features.

From an enterprise perspective, the only solution is to give some method to control this via MDM etc.