Why ublock origin on Microsoft's new Addon store is not being updated?

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Fact #1: Firefox has the most recent and newest features


Fact #2: in November 29 2019, Microsoft wasn't even accepting extensions/addons submissions in their new store.

this article was posted December 16  sayings:

"Starting today, the Microsoft Edge Addons store is now open for submissions for all developers. "


Fact #3: in Firefox and Google Chrome, ublock origin is added by its original author, Raymond Hill, but in Microsoft's Addons store, it's added by someone named "Nik Rolls" !


which according to his Github page, forked ublock origin! and posted it in Microsoft Addons store and now people think it's the same original one.


so why all of these happened?


can someone from Microsoft please do something about these? Thanks in advance


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@HotCakeX This happened because the original creator of uBlock Origin did not support Microsoft Edge (Legacy) and had no plans to port it at the time. Nik forked it and made changes to make it run on Edge. He was able to release his version to the store and kept it up-to-date for awhile but it sounds like he got very busy and it became difficult for him to keep up.


Since the store is registered in Nik's name for the Edge (Legacy) store, that is what carried over to the new extension store. There were some talks about giving Raymond Hill store access in Nik's repo at


It sounds to me that it mostly is between them two to figure out how to give Raymond access to push his own changes. Maybe they need help from Microsoft to sort it out.


Another guy, jspenguin2017, also forked uBlock Origin in general and created Nano Adblocker. This version added support for Edge (Legacy) with a compatibility shim that made it easier to keep up-to-date with latest changes from uBlock without too much work. He has dropped support for Edge (Legacy) now that the new Edge has reached stable.

When I saw this on Reddit earlier this month, I passed it on to the team. They are trying to figure out what happened here and how we can make this right. Still don't have any info on this, but this reminds me to follow up. Thanks, HotCake! :3


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Hi, Thank you for the follow up@MissyQ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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Ublock Origin on Microsoft Addons store is now fully up to date, actually more up to date than chrome webs store.


now ublock origin on Microsoft Edge Addons/extensions store has the newest version just like Firefox version.