Why is Edge using Webkit instead of Blink?

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@MissyQ I noticed something about edge. For some reason all 3 insider channels are running on Webkit.

Beta, Dev, and Can. Note that I don't have stable.

Why wouldn't they be running on blink like Chrome? Unless I'm mistaken, Webkit is Safari's engine, so it seems kind of out of place to use Apples rendering engine to run Googles browser code in Microsofts operating system.



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It's actually using Blink which is a fork of WebKit (a derivative of KHTML).

Most likely displaying WebKit because of the browser's user agent that reports compatibility with WebKit.
(These browsers are able to accept -webkit-* prefixed properties)

Nowadays All chromium/chrome variants except iOS rely on Blink.

Yup that above is the answer,
also that site says my CPU is AMD while it's Intel i7 and browser is Edge 75 while it's Edge 82.