Why is Edge 87 Stable channel running experiments and Controlled Feature Rollouts !?


the element that is a controlled feature rollout is the new favorites experience on toolbar and sidebar


in the Edge stable change log, there is no mention of this new feature at all, no word about favorites.


the reason I can tell it's controlled feature rollout is because I can switch between old and new favorite experience by connecting to different VPNs and thus having different IP locations. something that I've read shouldn't be happening in Edge stable channel, since it's not insider.


it's annoying to see this because the stable channel is no longer stable if a simple IP change can make features come and go.



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And Sleeping Tabs can be enabled also



But that's not the same thing. they are flags, not controlled feature rollouts. flags in stable channel have always been there.


can someone from Edge team please answer? why Edge stable has controlled feature rollouts? it makes people have different features. this is not supposed to happen in the stable channel.

people have problem with it because it's not ready for stable channel yet.

Yes it is confusing, I asked a edeg insider support and said I shouldnt have it.
Wow. well they better go look into it with higher priority, it's the stable channel..