Why doesn't outlook.com have a plus sign in the Edge address bar like other Chromium browsers do?

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For example, Twitter and Google Maps had a plus sign in the address bar and I installed them. I think they are "real" PWAs.  I've read that outlook.com in now a PWA, so why doesn't it too have a plus sign in the address bar?  I'm using Dev channel Edge. 


I do see the "install this site as an app" but is that "really" the same as a PWA?     

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@DaveLPG outlook is not yet a PWA. I'm not sure if they have a timeline yet for becoming one or not, unfortunately. However, you get basically the same experience when you "install site as an app" as you do from a PWA, the differences are subtle.


In order to get the "Plus" sign in the omnibox for install, three things must be true:


1. the site is served over HTTPS

2. the site has a manifest json file at the root of the domain

3. the site has service workers


You can always go to webhint.io and run a scan on any url to get a "PWA" score. 

All that said, we expect that end users will really not be able to tell much difference between a "real" PWA and a site that is installed. Primarily, the differences will come from what would be contained in the manifest, as well as potential offline capabilities.



@johnjansen  Thank you for your quick reply and explanation.  I think I'll wait till I see a plus sign before I "install" outlook.com.  While PWAs sound interesting, they are, at least at the moment, confusing from a user perspective.