White Flash still in some places

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Hey there,

There are still some places where the annoying white flash still occurs. Please consider fixing these also, it does not looks pleasing & especially while working in dark. :sad:

1. Reopening a closed tab.

2. Opening new Window & App.

3. Moving a tab to a new Window.

Please work on these White flashes...


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try the Edge canary, I'm on latest version and when I set Edge to dark theme, the flash is also dark, when i set it to light theme, then flash is also light.

Edge stable version 79 still has that problem though when I test it.


I am in the Canary channel. I can confirm that the White Flash in opening the Settings page has been fixed, but not for the other 3 cases. I still see the white flash while reopening a closed tab or while dealing with opening new Windows...

There is a 4th case: when I remove a tab from an Edge window (by drag and drop) and put it on its own window the white flash is visible.
Version 81.0.410.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Yea, it exists there as well. The main header is that moving tabs on new Window causes the behavior, whether you move it through tab context menu or drag it. 

@Rohit Yadav 


2022 and still there.  It was an irritant for years prior to your post even.  Got a distinct feeling I'll be back every year to report nothing has changed.