What happened to edge inking?

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What happened to edge inking?
Can we have the old edge too please until this is sorted?

I've spent thousands on surface devices and one of the most important features had been missing for months!!!
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Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider Community Hub!

The inking of web web pages or web notes feature is in the status of "Planned" according to the latest top feedback summary. . So, we should see this feature coming in some months.

That's nice.
Can I have the old edge back till this is sorted?
I've got 2 overpriced surface devices now that can't do half of what I bought them for!
Either that or give me my $8k back plz.
This is insane.
How do you market a great feature for hero devices, then remove it a year after everyone has spent money on those devices, and replace it with another Google Chrome!

Please post simple and reliable instructions on how to get the old edge back without hacking my PC.
Surely there's an "edge with inking" download we can make available till the feature is reintroduced?
Its been many months.
This is poor customer service / empathy / needs understanding / trust building / marketing!

Can't believe it's happening.

Apologies for the emotion, but you're hurting us - both customers and MS.

@MINAS545 You can Remove the chromium edge via powershell !!


I would recommend you to use the Windows Ink Workspace feature or the snip and sketch app throughout Windows to do the same but I agree that the web notes feature is very powerful to use on webpages than the Windows feature.

If you want to run the new and old Microsoft Edge simultaneously, please click the following link:



If you want to switch to the old Microsoft Edge, click this following link:



This is a joke. I just upgraded my school system to the 'new' Edge having noticed that it was the old one and had the pen functions. I was so excited that this was available and that I might actually swap from Chrome to Edge - BUT YOU GOT RID OF THE ONE FUNCTION I NEEDED IT FOR!!!!!

So, Google wins again, simply for pre-planning and not getting rid of useful features!!! So disappointed in Microsoft!
I too want my inking back, but...
Half of MS users are asleep at the wheel anyway, and only want same old same old, look what happened to Windows 9.
User focus groups will not bring taste back, there have to be great Product Management function, fully funded by MS.