Weird show-password icon(eye), additionally to the any show-password(eye) icon provided by website.

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Today I saw, two show password icon on my google login page, and felt unsafe. To reassure, i hard refreshed and cleared cache, but it didnt go away. Then to make matters worse, the same icon (with same design, colors, etc) appeared in almost all major sites, i.e fb, aws, canva etc. Is this a edge feature, or should i be worried? And if it is something malicious, how do i resolve it?

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It's a feature in edge, & I don't like it too.... This behavior should be improved. @Deleted can give more insight on the topic.

@muditrustagii are you using some kind of password manager like Bitwarden or LastPass?
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@muditrustagii Thanks for reaching out. I know the team has been working on password functionality, and my gut feeling is that it's part of the browser. However, I want to ensure that you have accurate information, so I'm going to bring this up with our Privacy team right now. I'll let you know their thoughts!


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IMHO, it seems like a productive feature to me. Although if there exists a show password icon, It would be redundant to have another one. Also, if its a feature, users could be made aware about this, either through a popup or something else, so they don't feel anxious.

@muditrustagii I've confirmed with our Privacy team and Password feature owners that yes, this is indeed part of Microsoft Edge! However, the odd UI of the double eye and the fact that it made you question security are both important things for us to note, so they are looking into that now.


Let us know if you have any other thoughts about this feature.


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I just wanted to add to this. I agree that this is confusing for many. My biggest concern is that people trying to be careful about monitoring software on their devices may think this is something reading their password. This is the scenario I encountered today. The person stopped using edge to access Gmail for this reason. It took me a bit of web searching to find out what it was and reassure my user that it was ok. I do like the feature for websites that do not have the show password icon at all. However, it would be nice if Edge could identify if that icon already exists so it will not cause the second one to appear.


There were a few other oddities about the icon I noticed when trying to get a print screen. If you click out of the field the icon disappears. Not sure if this would cause an issue on a mobile device when trying to view the password. Sometimes on my phone I accidently click out of a box because my screen is so small and the keyboard gets in the way sometimes. I think that if there is text in the field then the icon should stay there regardless of where the focus is. On my laptop this also happened when I clicked on another application. It did not reappear when I clicked in the password field. I had to remove all text and start typing the password again. These are minor things but could make the use of the feature frustrating during the times it would be the most useful. 

@Alisida Thanks for the feedback! I'll check back in with the Privacy team and let them know about those pain points.


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