Weird contraction of tabs in build 84.0.502.0

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Hi insiders & team,

In build 84.0.502.0, upon opening links in Edge, the tabs contract like they all have been pinned, however they have not been.

Attaching a snip for reference:


Please consider fixing this.

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Interesting, this is not happening for me. All seems normal. Exactly what is it you're doing?


The behavior gets triggered when we open a link from another app or website installed as app. The tabs contract exactly to the size like they are pinned...

@Rohit Yadav I saw this briefly yesterday after updating to  84.0.502.0. At the time I had just the one (unpinned) tab open. I opened a second tab directly (not through a link) and the first tab instantly changed to normal size. I haven't' seen this happen since.

This is happening in chromium, saw in it my chrome canary also.

@Rohit Yadav 


In their latest post, Microsoft has already mentioned that they are aware of this issue. You need not worry: this will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

They are aware that this happens only when a link from another app or program is opened in the browser.