Web capture to Collections not working

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Hi Lisa, I have posted this question to the other channel and few other users are frustrated, too. Yet, there is no reply from Edge developers. I hope to get a reply from you.


On Edge Beta, there is a button called "Add to collections" when I use web capture. The button is not available on Edge stable. Please note: this is not a new upcoming feature available on Edge Beta only. I have used this feature before on Edge stable for months. It is difficult for a user to go back-and-forth to find the tool that he/she has relied heavily before. I have been updating my Edge stable constantly (currently 105.0.1343.27 Official build 64-bit) but no luck! Could you please let us know what the issue is with Edge stable version?

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It seems that the feature is disabled intentionaly due to a game of experiments.
Any features are controlled by microsoft and it is being configured as

"PrismCollectionsAutoEnroll": {
"disableFeatures": [
"enableFeatures": [

(for now, maybe for a part of users)
You'll be able to get the feature back with command-line option,
--enable-features=msEdgeAddWebCapturetoCollections --disable-features=msEdgeCollectionsPrismExperiment1


I'm not using collections and I don't know about msEdgeCollectionsPrismExperiment1 at all. Try at your own risk.
This configuration may be changed anytime soon but no one knows how long it will be continued.




The added command line scripts did not work for me although it can load MSEdge from CLI without any problem. But my favorite "add to collections" feature is still not there!  Maybe, Microsoft took the added scripts down so that it does not work anymore.


However, I really appreciate your efforts because your information (about the PrismExperiment) makes perfect sense why the same Edge v.105.0.1343.33 (Official build) (64-bit) does not have the feature on my home desktop but the same version on my work desktop has it. The two Edge instances are using 2 email addresses. So you are right when you said that "part of users" are affected.


The mysterious question is: who gave permission Microsoft to auto-enroll me into their experiment? I know, they can point us to legal fine prints. But once I started relying on a feature, they can just took it away for months because I am part of an experiment?