Web capture saves image as JPEG, not JPG

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The situation:
The Microsoft Edge Web Capture function saves a screenshot with the full 4-letter JPEG file extension, although the standard universal format is simplified as JPG.

Interestingly, digital cameras, photo editing programs, and smartphone cameras save JPEG images simply as JPG. Native Windows applications like Mspaint, Snip & Sketch, Snipping Tool also save by default only as JPG.

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By default, the maximum length of a file path in Windows is 260 characters (Microsoft Source Here), JPG has one letter less, so it improves the situation.

  • Change Microsoft Edge to save Web Captures as JPG images filename.jpg; OR
  • Change Microsoft Edge to save Web Captures as PNG images filename.png (this is currently the case with Windows Native Screenshots Windows key + PrintScreen key, which save as PNG).
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For me doesn't matter JPG or JPEG, too similar, but I want that to be replaced by PNG because of its lossless algorithm. I notice the degrade in quality in web capture files, especially when I take large scrolling pictures.
I'm going to send feedback about it and if you can please do the same through Edge browser.