Video clip on Edge

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Why not clip the video cache playing on edge without download or load the complete video? Because although the video are not completely load yet the timeline and all the sub tracts and sound tracts have been loaded. That will make the video editable. We can generate the new video in the export page during exporting without completely loading it. Here are some basic functions we can add in the Edge video clip: 

1.Cut the video into specific pieces. The CC sub tract will match the timeline of each pieces either 

2.Accelerate the video (from 0.2 to 5 times without changing the pitch); the sub tracts will accelerate either to match the timeline of the video;

3.Crop the video into specific size; 

4.Add, edit, and delete all the fixed CC text sub tracts with speech recognition, OCR and dictation; 

5.Customize the format of all the fixed CC text sub tracts: font, color, size, bold, position, alignment, animation;

6.Add sound tracts and adjust the volume of each sound tracts 

7.Export video to any URL 


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This is not going to happen,
videos on the web can be copyrighted, editing/cutting/downloading/keeping/using them can be against the copyright law.

the browser already knows its job and what to do and how to cache files, including video files, to improve page load times and speed.


for subtitles, not all videos have them, and if they do, the provider provides features related to subtitles.