Very Impressive Edge insider Canary Results in HTML5 Test (Plus other browsers) Comparison

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Here is the the score of browsers to see how much of HTML5 technologies and features they support.

In order of highest to lowest.



Edge insider Canary Version (Official build) canary (64-bit) Highest Score



new edge.PNG




Google Chrome Canary Version 79.0.3924.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)






FireFox version 71.0a1 (2019-09-26) (64-bit)





Edge classic (EdgeHTML)

Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18990

Microsoft Edge 44.18990.1.0


edge classic.PNG




Internet explorer 11 version 11.1.18990



internet explorer.PNG




Internet Explorer 11 (latest version) obviously has the worst score, but it's the only browser that can manage to get the perfect 100/100 score from Acid3 test among all these browsers tested. the rest of the browsers can only get 97/100.

By the way, Acid3 is an old test.





Comment down below what you think. I for one am hella impressed by Microsoft Edge insider's score! :stareyes:

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So what caused the Edge insider Canary to get the score of 543 and Not the Perfect score of 555?

here is the list of features and HTML5 capabilities that are not supported (as stated by that website: ) in the browser.


  • MPEG-4 ASP support
  • H.265 support
  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming / MPEG-DASH
  • HTTP Live Streaming / HLS
  • JPEG-XR support
  • Custom content handlers
  • Script execution events
  • Writable streams


there are however other things that the website is failing to detect (thus marking them as unsupported) even though I enabled them using flags, such as 

  • Web Authentication / FIDO 2
  • FileSystem API





Very helpful website to find out which technology is supported in which browsers


@Elliot Kirk 

technologies like

  • H.265 (already supported in Edge classic)
  • MPEG-DASH (already supported in Edge classic) 
  • JPEG XR (already supported in Edge classic and Internet Explorer!)
  • and it's a technology developed by Microsoft which is superior to older formats like PNG and JPG. 

the thing is, Edge classic supports a set of technologies that the new Edge doesn't. on the other hand, the new Edge supports some technologies that the Edge classic doesn't. so if you merge them together you'll create the best of the both worlds browser ^^




@HotCakeX I'm using the Edge Dev 80.0.3965.0 but the score I get is really low, 477/555 do you know why?

I also get a very low result in the Security and Payment parts. 


Not sure, I always used Canary version, maybe some feature are online turned on in Canary

Okay I just did another test right now 

Windows 10 x64 insider fast ring build 19033

Edge insider Version 80.0.346.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


turning on "Experimental Web Platform features" flag boosts the score by 5 points














you know what's the worst part about that website? it's too stupid that it can't tell the difference between Google Chrome and Edge insider browser.


Annotation 2019-11-29 012037.png


Chrome dev. heh!

Edge insider has been around for 8 months at least but they don't recognize it yet

we're running the same version, i wonder why i have such a low score


no idea really, are you even using the same Windows 10 version?


for reference I have these flags enabled, most of them are flags that shouldn't have any effect on the score because they are about the UI and Edge-exclusive features.



Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC.

Conceal local IP addresses with mDNS hostnames.  Mac, Windows


Smooth Scrolling

Animate smoothly when scrolling page content.  Windows


Experimental Web Platform features

Enables experimental Web Platform features that are in development.  Mac, Windows


Focus Mode

If enabled, allows the user to switch to Focus Mode  Mac, Windows


Password import

Import functionality in password settings.  Mac, Windows


Omnibox rich entity suggestions

Display entity suggestions using images and an enhanced layout; showing more context and descriptive text about the entity.  Mac, Windows


Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches

Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the Omnibox UI.  Mac, Windows


Tab Groups

Allows users to organize tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to separate tabs associated with different tasks.  Mac, Windows


Parallel downloading

Enable parallel downloading to accelerate download speed.  Mac, Windows


Tab Hover Cards

Enables a popup containing tab information to be visible when hovering over a tab. This will replace tooltips for tabs.  Mac, Windows


Experimental Productivity Features

Enable support for experimental developer productivity features, such as built-in modules and policies for avoiding slow rendering.  Mac, Windows


Show block option in autoplay settings

If enabled, block will appear as an option in media autoplay settings.  Mac, Windows


Experimental Collections feature

Enable content collection pane and background entity extraction to support web content collection and organization scenarios. Warning: This is an early experimental feature. Content will not be synced and may be lost.  Mac, Windows


Enable Fullscreen Dropdown

Drops down browser frame during browser fullscreen.  Windows


Enable Secondary EE for Images that are dragged to Collections.

Allows users to have a richer experience when dragging images into collections that are linked to product pages that are supported by Advanced Entity Extraction.  Mac, Windows


Enable showing the spinner on the Collections site card while loading

This flag will enable the code to show the spinner on a site card whenadded to Collections when the site is still loading or when advancedentity extraction is otherwise pending.  Mac, Windows


Experimental Tracking Prevention Features

Enables upcoming and experimental improvements to Tracking Prevention.  Mac, Windows


Grammar Tools in Reading View

Enable Grammar Tools feature in Reading View  Mac, Windows


Enable Text Highlights for PDF

Enables creation and modification of Text Highlights for PDF.  Mac, Windows


Global Media Controls

Enables the Global Media Controls UI in the toolbar.  Mac, Windows


Secure DNS lookups

Enables DNS over HTTPS. When this feature is enabled, your browser may try to use a secure HTTPS connection to look up the addresses of websites and other web resources.  Mac, Windows

I have the november update installed (most of your flags i have also enabled)
OT: is there a way to find out if the default state correspons to enabled or disabled?
I wish, asked for it many times in posts but still nope, can't tell what default is exactly
April and I still get a very low score of 478, even with all the flags enabled.
Create a new offline profile in Edge and then try again using that profile see if it improves the score,
I was stuck at a similar situation 1 week ago