Using the web Outlook Calendar as a PWA

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Can you please tell me how to install the web Outlook Calendar as a separate PWA (with its own app icon) on Microsoft Edge?


Outlook Calendar (web) URL:

Right now Microsoft Edge allows me to install only one app for the web Outlook PWA.

Outlook (web mail) URL:

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You can only use OWA as a PWA by installing OWA as PWA app either from the icon in the address bar or by clicking upper right three dots then Apps-Install this site as an app. Then you can switch to calendar and open PWA once more to navigate to Inbox and have 2 separate windows for emails-calendar if this is what you want to achieve.
Some options to achieve what you want - quick access to calendar:
- Use the option in Edge to make any tab a short cut on your taskbar, and pin the calendar that way (optionally install Edge Beta as a second instance to keep that browser "clean")
- Install an App like Franz or Ferdi and add/create a "service" for both Mail and Calendar